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To Apply to Become a Mentor, click on the link for the Online Application. After your Online Application has been submitted, please return to this page and download the printed portion of the application for your signature and mail as instructed.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who provides a young person with support, friendship, and a positive example. Mentors want to help young people reach their full potential.

Becoming a TeamMates Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a TeamMates mentor, the first step is downloading and filling out the application. Completing the ONLINE application is easy and fast. Three non-family references will be required. Before you start the online application collect the contact information (home address, phone or cell phone and email address - please use street addresses, not post office box numbers) for each reference.
Background checks will be done and references provided will be verified.

After the mentor application has been submitted and reviewed, the next step is to attend an initial 2.5-hour training, for which the Lincoln TeamMates office will call to make arrangements. It is at this time that you should request a school that is convenient to your home or office, or an age group that you prefer to work with.

After this, you should anticipate a phone call from the school with an invitation to visit, at which time you will complete the interview with the TeamMates school facilitator so they can match you with a mentee. Once you are matched with a mentee, arrange a day and time to meet with them. At your first meeting together, you will sign the Mentor/Mentee Agreement. On subsequent visits, check in with the Secured Entrance Monitor. Be sure to wear your TeamMates Visitor badge.

Whenever you can, attend Mentor Academies or Mentor Nets to learn more about mentoring or get to know other mentors.

If you decide to complete your application and mail it, please mail it to

The TeamMates Mentoring Program
LPS District Office
5905 O St.
Lincoln, NE
TeamMates Mentoring Program
11850 Nicholas Street, Suite 120
Omaha, NE 68154

Why should I get involved?

Because young people need positive and successful adult role models who guide them in setting and achieving goals. Because caring relationships work two ways, mentors also stand to benefit from the insights of young people and the process of helping them succeed. Just hear what what past mentors have to say about their participation in TeamMates:

"I don't know if I speak for all mentors everywhere, but we get more out of these experiences often times more than the student does because you leave these meetings full of energy. They just inspire you with their hard work. Maybe the student doesn't have an ideal home life and your heart breaks for them, but their positive attitude inspires you."

"My mentee was often sick and missed a lot of school. Her mother died and she was placed in a foster home. She was increasingly overwhelmed by her family situation. She was on a downhill path academically and socially. But now --she has turned her life around!! She focuses on what she can do with her life. She is funny and a delight to be around. She will be a wonderful work-colleague for someone because she will be a great friend to many."

"My mentee and I were matched when she was in fifth grade. She was so caught up in her reading and math because they were so difficult for her. By the time she went to middle school, she had tested out of her special classes and began joining her peers in regular classes. She told me her dream was to be the first in her family to go to college. This past January we mailed her application for enrollment to UNL. Not only has she met all of the requirements for graduation, but she is a candidate for National Honor Society."

My mentee has had very difficult issues to work with. I would leave the school and think how could a child deal with these issues? We have cried together, laughed together, talked together,and hugged. She has certainly turned her life around, and I am so proud of what this wonderful young woman has overcome and become. I pray for a wonderful life for her. I can say from the depths of my heart that she is a great friend, and I love her."

How much time will it take?

Approximately an hour a week! TeamMates asks that you commit to meeting with your student during the academic school year for approximately an hour a week for a minimum of 24 visits within the school year. (Youth who meet with their mentor 24 or more times during the school year consistently maintain or improve their grades, attendance, and behavior.)

What does a mentor do?

Spend time talking and listening. Use the time to have fun playing a game, completing crafts, shooting hoops in the gym, sharing a hobby or working on a puzzle. Help your mentee develop a resume or spend time in the Media Center learning about special interests. Be creative. Have fun.

Is a Mentor and a Tutor the same thing?

No. A tutor's primary responsibility is to help with academics. A mentor, on the other hand, establishes a trusting relationship that may include helping with academics occasionally but a mentor becomes a trusted friend and confidant who serves as a positive role model.

Can kids relate to retired persons?

Yes! Age makes little difference in how kids relate to the person. The important thing is the trust and respect that develops. TeamMates has mentors in their 80s who are a big hit with the children.

How will I know how to be a mentor?

Every mentor attends a 2.5-hour training session before meeting with the student. Training addresses activities, concerns, and responsibilities. Mentor Nets and Mentor Academies are opportunities to network with other mentors and to learn important information about kids, development, and so forth. Mentor News, is emailed monthly and contains articles important to mentors. Plus, TeamMates staff are only a phone call or email away! But best of all, interaction with your mentee will define how you mentor.

Transform at least two lives. Become a mentor!