About Mentoring

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Download a Mentor Application

Send completed application and signed background check form to: Lincoln TeamMates, LPS District Office, 5905 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510 or call 402-436-1990 with questions.

Why Mentor?

It can change the life of a young person. Youth who are mentored receive support and guidance from a caring adult and show measurable improvement in academic achievement, attendance and discipline referrals. Mentored youth are more likely to stay in school and graduate and show improvement in interpersonal relationships. It is a rewarding life experience. Ninety-six percent of volunteer mentors would recommend mentoring to others.
It is creating nationwide change. Nearly 3 million adult volunteers are involved in formal one-on-one mentoring relationships with young people, an increase of 19% (500,000 mentors) since 2002. While a growing number of youth have mentors, an additional 14.6 million young people could benefit from having a mentoring relationship. This unmet need constitutes the "mentoring gap" that currently exists. This shows that while more people are mentoring, many more are needed.

To learn about the far-reaching impact of mentoring, visit the
National Mentoring Partnership Website.